Center for Orc Tolerance & Understanding


You Can Stop Seeing Green Today.

You’ve no doubt been hearing this phrase more around the office lately, but what is “Seeing Green” exactly?

“Seeing Green” is what happens when you see an orc and feel an uncontrollable urge to kill it. These emotions are triggered deep in the cerebellum, and are immediately translated into a fight-or-fight response to draw weapons, place traps, and otherwise eliminate the perceived menace.

How do I avoid turning my community into a battlefield when I am Seeing Green?

  • If you see an orc on the street, don’t immediately whip out your crossbow and shoot him. Instead, strike up a conversation about something innocent, like that cat picture your friend sent you.
  • Don’t become part of the problem. If you see someone else engaging in hostile activities against orcs, alert your local COTU chapter and request mediation assistance.
  • Most of all, try to remember that orcs really just want to be loved. Put yourself in their awkwardly shaped shoes, and imagine how you would feel if you were just trying to go to work and everywhere you went, people began another crusade to keep you out of your office.

Orcs must live!