Center for Orc Tolerance & Understanding

What Is COTU?

The Center for Orc Tolerance and Understanding is an organization dedicated to helping orcs and humans live together in harmony. The tradition of humans versus orcs has long bred hatred, bloodshed, and violence- but we’re here to help mediate the conflict and make everyday life better for all peoples, green or not.


(Translated from orcish) “I used to be a hermit, afraid to interact with the humans. With COTU’s help, I don’t have to worry about being skewered, shot, stabbed, crushed, electrocuted, roasted, flipped, or cursed when I go outside! I even have human friends!”

Cynthia Goodman

“Working with the orcs and the volunteer staff at COTU has really helped me to understand where my feelings of orc hatred were coming from. Learning how to deal with those feelings and not reacting with siege weapons has made me a better person. Now, I can’t wait to share my story with others and help make my town a better place, and that’s why I volunteer with COTU!”

Building Walls

Every day COTU assists in the reconstruction of decimated orc fortresses. Everyone deserves a home.

Food Banks

COTU donates thousands of pounds of chickens and hours of labor to orc-friendly food banks every year.

Swamp Rehab

Swamps don’t have to be dirty. COTU works with environmental groups to clean up swamps where orcs dwell.


Anyone can raise awareness about the plight of orcs and COTU’s struggle to spread tolerance. Use the hashtag #OrcsMustLive when you post on social media to help dispel ignorant stereotypes about these beautiful, natural creatures.

Orcs must live!